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Why I won’t be upgrading my Galaxy S4 to S5 or S6 when I can upgrade.

Dear Samsung;

Hello. I contacted you guys via Facebook, Twitter before, and through email. Back to May 28th which I got my last response from you guys. Your phone number had some difficulty when I called so I had issues. I’ve posted on Android Central about the issues I’ve had several times.

Anyways. I’m very unhappy with the Galaxy s4. I am also very disappointed in Samsung. My experience with your smartphone had completely turned me off from the Samsung brand as a whole. I cannot afford much. This was my first ever smartphone. I was excited for it. I’ve had it for nearly a year now and I’ve been pretty much upset with it since I got it. I had faith that you guys would fix these issues but, they didn’t get fixed.

I’ve had a huge sluggish response. My screen at times doesn’t want to turn on and sometimes it takes a full minute of pressing the on/off. Your support says take out the battery make sure it’s smooth. Yes. It is smooth. My battery is fine. I followed your support documents and the emails I’ve gotten to not have any improved experience. I’ve updated my software to the latest available one at all times. The phone reboots constantly and randomly. Often when in the middle of typing something, like a text message and I lose it all. I really cannot play any games on it because the screen gets far too hot to even touch! It gets hot when I’m not even using it, especially when not connected to wifi. On Wifi it takes a few minutes to get hot. Outside, connected to a cell tower it overheats while sitting in my pocket.

ATT told me to wait for the update. I was gonna exchange it for another one but I would’ve had to pay a high restocking fee. I paid every spare bit of money I had just to get this smartphone. I even traded in my iPad so I could afford it and had the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is also frustrating me, but not as much as my phone.

The camera app crashes often. There’s such a high amount of lag. The battery dies within a few hours. Even when I uninstall every app and restore to factory settings. The overheating is insane. The smartstay works brilliantly. I love the bigger screen. I also love Android it was a pleasant first experience.

I’m able to upgrade my phone next year. I will not get the new Galaxy phone lines. I’m really upset and you guys were absolutely no help. No help at all. Neither was AT&T.

I really lost my faith in Samsung. :(. I fought with the phone so many times. The heating, etc. I just. I love Android. But, the Samsung product just has too many issues. I saw the advertisements for Chromebook, and I do want to get one. But, I don’t think I can trust another Samsung product. My next products will likely be from one of your competitors.

I’m sorry. But, thanks for the experience in Android. I just wanted you guys to know I felt it was a waste of a two year contract, and I’m stuck with this faulty phone for another year. I don’t have six hundred dollars to go buy a new one.
Email sent on May 28th to you guys
I tried calling on May 31st and June 5th Here I noted the camera settings were blurry

I cannot drive due to a medical issue right now. I’m slowly learning. However, I depend on others. It’s very hard to even get to AT&T’s busy store just to have them tell me they cannot do anything, even while I was still in your warranty period.

Please in the future for the sakes of others make sure the devices work. :(. I’m just upset I was not smart enough to look at other phones more closely because the store models for sure didn’t have these types of issues. I find this completely and utterly misleading. Your extra features such as air hover, smart stay, eye scroll worked brilliantly. Just. These devices are far too many negatives for me.

You guys are nearly impossible to contact. Impossible. You guys give factory canned responses which makes it unpleasant to work with and makes me feel like I’m being herded around like a sheep and it is degrading.

Good luck. With everything and your company. I believe you all have lost me as a customer for your entire brand.


Sent a postcard off to the Russian Federation! 

Charlie playing with his toy! New Camera!







When the Nazi concentration camps were liberated by the Allies, it was a time of great jubilation for the tens of thousands of people incarcerated in them. But an often forgotten fact of this time is that prisoners who happened to be wearing the pink triangle (the Nazis’ way of marking and identifying homosexuals) were forced to serve out the rest of their sentence. This was due to a part of German law simply known as “Paragraph 175” which criminalized homosexuality. The law wasn’t repealed until 1969.

This should be required learning, internationally. 

You need to know this. You need to remember this. This is not something to swept under the carpet nor be forgotten. 

Never. Too many have died for the way they have loved. That needs stop now. 

Make it stop

I did a report on this in my World History class my sophomore year of high school. It was incredibly unsettling.

My teacher shown the class this. Mostly everyone in the class felt uncomfortable. 

I have reblogged this in the past, but it is so ironic that it comes across my dash right now. I a currently working as a docent at my city’s Holocaust Education Center (( I say currently because I’ve also done research and translation for them )) and out current exhibit is one on loan from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ((USHMM)). This is a little known historical fact that Paragraph 175 was not repealed after the war and those convicted under Nazi laws as a danger to society because they were gay were not released because they had be convicted in a court of law. There was no liberation or justice for them as they weren’t considered criminals, or even victims for that matter. They were criminals who remained persecuted and ostracized and kept on the fringes of society for decades after the war had been won. Paragraph175 wasn’t actually repealed until 1994. And it was only in May 2002, that the German parliament completed legislation to pardon all homosexuals convicted under Paragraph175 during the Nazi era. History has forgotten about these men and women — please educate yourselves so this does not happen again. Remember this history. Remember them.

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All my life I’ve been this dog


Goddamn sky.

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