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Well. What do you want to know about me? I just turned twenty-four, fought for a lifetime of life (literally). I love life, and want more from it. I also love games! Please feel free to visit the men tumblr I run.
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Y’shtola is a cool character as well… But, my question is why are they all dancing when talking about the great loss of lives? 

I already very much like K’lyhia. I haven’t seen this. So, all three of the major cities have different story lines? Kickass! I did Gridania the first time. Doing Limsa Lominsa on my Arcanist now on a new server.

A cute hot guy suggested I start playing FFXIV again. I did; but, I forgot how fun this game was. It seems all the lag issues at launch were finally fixed. New features and all. Sadly, I’m abandoning my bard. But, I am enjoying Arcanist thus far and thinking of going fora  Sumoner.


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The giant or ogre guy is cute. He reminds me of Dobby! Such a nice fella. Also poor Naiee :( He’s so afraid of water, coughs, and nearly wines. But, at least he’s a prankster and curious, waves to people when big brother Naia protects him!


Naiee is a prankster!

Most of these aren’t from the cinematic. Seriously. The graphics look like this. Cinematic / not cinematic. Gameplay is exactly what you see. It’s gorgeous. 

Doctor told the Brothers to go find the Tree of Life. Naiee nearly cried when they had to go in the water since a bully wouldn’t let them on the bridge. Big Brother, Naia let Little Brother, Naiee climb on his back and swum him across the river. Little tyke’s so afraid.

Good job big brother! 

Naiee is Little Brother. Naia is Big Brother. The man is their father they’re trying to get him to the doctor.